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How to Clean the Outside of Aluminum Gutters


Ever looked up at your gutters and noticed they’ve lost their shine? You’re not alone. Cleaning the outside of aluminium gutters is a straightforward task that can vastly improve your home’s curb appeal.

You’ll need to arm yourself with the right gutter cleaning tools—a sturdy ladder, a hose with a nozzle attachment, some gloves, safety glasses, and a non-abrasive cleaning solution.

Start by ensuring your safety with the ladder securely in place.

Next, you’ll apply your chosen cleaner to the gutters, working in sections to avoid having the solution dry out. A soft-bristled brush is your best friend here, as you’ll gently scrub away the grime without scratching the metal.

After you’ve tackled the dirt, give the gutters a thorough rinse.

You’ll be amazed at how a little elbow grease can restore your gutters to their former glory.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a suitable cleaning solution, such as store-bought gutter cleaners or homemade mixtures.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the gutters, ensuring complete coverage and using a soft-bristled brush for scrubbing.
  • Use specialized gutter stain removers or DIY pastes for stubborn stains and heavy exposure areas.
  • Rinse the gutters thoroughly with a hose, inspecting for damage or wear and repeating the process if necessary.

Gather Essential Cleaning Tools

Before starting, you’ll always need to gather the necessary cleaning tools to effectively tackle the dirt and grime on your aluminium gutters.

Arm yourself with a reliable garden hose to rinse areas both before and after the application of your chosen gutter cleaner.

Use heavy-duty rubber gloves to protect your hands from harsh cleaning agents and potential gutter edge cuts.

A soft-bristled gutter cleaning brush with a long handle will save you from overreaching and ensure a thorough scrubbing action, especially for white gutters that can show dirt clearly.

To cut through the tougher grime, be prepared to apply some elbow grease.

Choose Your Cleaning Solution

While you’re deciding on a cleaning solution for your aluminium gutters, it’s important to choose one that’s both effective and suitable for the material.

For a reliable option, consider store-bought gutter cleaners such as Krud Kutter or Simple Green, which are formulated to tackle tough dirt and black streaks.

Alternatively, you could mix white vinegar with water for an eco-friendly choice that’ll leave your gutters sparkling clean.

If you’re facing stubborn stains, a paste made from cream of tartar and water can be particularly effective.

For a general clean, a solution of dish soap and water can do wonders.

Remember to check your gutter manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure compatibility and optimal results.

Apply the Cleaning Solution

You’ll need to attach the cleaner bottle to your hose and adjust the nozzle before beginning to apply the cleaning solution to your aluminium gutters.

Follow these steps:

  1. Prep Your Gear: Don the safety glasses and rubber gloves to protect yourself from splashes.
  2. Start Spraying: Begin at one end of the gutters and work in small sections, ensuring the outside of the gutters is completely covered with the solution.
  3. Scrub Gently: Use a soft-bristled brush on a pole to reach and scrub off heavy buildup, paying special attention to the underside of the gutters.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: After scrubbing, switch the nozzle to ‘RINSE’ and shower the gutters to wash away grime and excess cleaner.

Scrub Off Stubborn Stains

After applying the cleaning solution, tackle any remaining stubborn stains by gently scrubbing with a specialized gutter stain remover and a longer-bristled brush. For a DIY approach, mix White Vinegar with Cream of Tartar to create a potent paste for difficult areas. Apply this paste and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. This method is especially effective for areas with heavy exposure to leaves and debris. Don’t forget to regularly clear out your gutters with a garden trowel to prevent buildup.

Gutter Stain RemoverTarget tough, sticky residues
White VinegarNatural cleaning agent
Cream of TartarStain-lifting compound
Garden TrowelRemove leaves and debris

Using the right tools and solutions will ensure your gutters remain clean and functional.

Rinse and Inspect Gutters

Once you’ve scrubbed away the grime, it’s essential to conduct a thorough rinse to ensure no residue compromises the integrity of your aluminium gutters.

Here’s how to effectively rinse and inspect your gutters:

  1. Spray Down: Clean your gutters with a hose, using a sprayer attachment to enhance water pressure. Tackle one section at a time, letting the water flow to carry away debris.
  2. Safety First: Always wear appropriate gear and ensure your ladder is stable. Never overreach; move the ladder as needed.
  3. Inspect Thoroughly: After rinsing, examine the gutters for signs of damage or wear that might require gutter repair.
  4. Repeat: If necessary, repeat the process until the gutters sparkle, enhancing your home’s curb appeal through diligent gutter cleaning.

If you are unsure about the process, contact our professional gutter cleaning service in Limerick to ensure your gutters are cleaned safely and effectively. We have the expertise and tools to restore your gutters to their former glory. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free quote and schedule an appointment today.

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